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Architectural Film

Vision Control

image:Vision Control

This Vision Control Film can control visible ranges by different angles.
According to the viewing angle, the control film has such functions by which view becomes transparent or translucent, and with these functions, “privacy protection”, “protection of view”, etc. as conflicting problems of office buildings or condominiums and residential areas with neighbors can be resolved at once.


  • By sticking on transparent glass, depending on the viewing angle, the view looks transparent, or translucent, and these are functions created by the Vision Control Film.
  • 4 classes of “X-1515 (front-side opacity (opaque))”, “Y-2555 (one-direction opacity (opaque))”, “Z-2555 (both-directions opacity (opaque))”, and “W-0055 (one-direction opacity (opaque) ・ wide range)” are lined up. According to application, the visible range can be controlled as desired.
  • Without losing the transparent feel of glass or daylight, unnecessary parts of the visible range are eliminated, thereby scenery through windows can be maintained while contributing to the privacy protection.
  • The film has glass shatter proof effects as well as ultraviolet-light cutting effects.
    * The film is not designed for acrylic or polycarbonate panel application.

Installation example for upper- and lower-direction vision control

Standing scene about 50cm in front of the window with a Vision Control Film

upper- and lower-direction vision control:left
upper- and lower-direction vision control:right

Installation examples to control left- and right-direction visible range

Straight view and skewed view from right direction through a Vision Control Film attached window

control left- and right-direction visible range:left
control left- and right-direction visible range:right

Typical example of translucent degree by type

Front view of opacity / Opacity angle -15°~+15° / Part number:X-1515

image:Typical example 01

One-direction opacity / Opacity (opaque) angle +25°~+55° / Part number:Y-2555

image:Typical example 02

Both-directions opacity (opaque) / Opacity (opaque) angle ±25°~±55° / Part number:Z-2555

image:Typical example 03

One-direction opacity (opaque)  / Opacity (opaque) angle 0°~+55° / Part number:W-0055

image:Typical example 04
Film direction
image:film direction

Product List

Vision_Control_Product_List.pdf [ PDF : 129KB ]