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Architectural Film

Solar Control

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Helping to reduce the need for air conditioning within buildings High solar-control performance achieving significant energy savings for buildings!

The products reduce carbon emissions which it turn contribute towards the goal of reducing global warming. They enable substantial energy savings for factories, offices and homes, providing a positive benefit around the world.
The range of clear solar control "WINCOS Architectural Film" maintain high transmission of visible light through the glazing whilst delivering superior heat rejection properties to enable an


Energy saving effects of window glass with ZC05G applied

ZC05G + 3mm float glass

These window films block heat from solar radiation, they suppress rising room temperatures and reduce air conditioning dependency and associated expenditure.

These window films reflect heat from the internal heating, thereby containing the heat within the room and reducing the cost of heating.

Rise in room temperature

Applying a solar control film to the glazing will block the entry of heat generated by strong sunlight during the daytime, effectively suppressing a rise in room temperature.

<Measurement Conditions>
Date of measurement: August 12 (fine weather)
Place of measurement: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa
Maximum temperature: 33.1ºC
Minimum temperature: 25.4ºC
<Method of measurement>
A temperature history recording system was used for simultaneous measurements in both cases, when no film is present and when film is applied.

Optical chart

The spectral energy distribution of sunlight is approximately 5% in the ultraviolet region (wavelength range from 300 to 380 nm), 45% in the visible region (wavelength range from 380 to 780 nm), and 50% in the near-infrared region (wavelength range from 780 to 2,500 nm). In general, window films block the *visible and/or infrared rays to achieve high thermal insulation effects (1 nm = 1/1,000 µm).
* Measured values with the film affixed to 3mm float glass


Product List

Solar_Control_Product_List.pdf [ PDF : 144KB ]

Optical Properties

solar_control_Optical_Properties.pdf [ PDF : 145KB ]