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Architectural Film



In recent years there is a growing trend towards building walls from glass, for example curtain walls and top lights. Whilst glass contributes to improving both the external appearance and internal daylight levels there are cases where light reflected by the glass has caused damage and nuisance to the local environment. It is often difficult to foresee issues of reflected light pollution during the design stage of these buildings and in some cases the problems may only become evident once construction is complete. By applying WINCOS anti-reflection film you can eliminate these issues.

Product Construction

Product configuration


  • Cost effective countermeasure to combat reflected light pollution; upon application to the outer surface of the glazing the matte surface dramatically reduces glare intensity
  • The fluorine film's powerful chemical and UV resistance give it a highly extended lifespan, maintaining performance without degradation.
  • The incredibly low surface energy of this glazing film means that cleaning cycles can be reduced; pollutants and dirt are less attracted to the film compared to glass
  • Engineered to reliable adhere to both glass and polycarbonate.
  • 99% of ultraviolet light blocking properties.

Product List

Anti-reflection_Product_List.pdf [ PDF : 146KB ]

Optical Properties

Anti-reflection_Optical_Properties.pdf [ PDF : 140KB ]