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What is WINCOS?

Lintec is a leading Japanese manufacturer in the field of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. Lintec's product line-up covers an extremely diverse range of products that includes adhesive papers and films for seals and labels, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets for outdoor signage, interior finishing mounting sheets, automobile-use adhesive products, semiconductor-related adhesive tapes, and LCD-related films.
By utilizing our extensive achievements and technological strength cultivated in these various fields we constantly progress the development, manufacturing, and marketing of "WINCOS" products; high-quality window films for buildings and automobiles.
We were the first in the pressure-sensitive industry to innovate with the use of infrared radiation technology for automobile window films, and now we have also applied the technology to window films for buildings, which have been successfully adopted in many countries around the world.
We provide customers with "WINCOS" products which combine the highest levels of performance, optical quality, durability, delivery, workability, packaging, servicing, and follow-up service.

"Design your comfort"

"Design your comfort": This is WINCOS, a brand encompassing a family of window films, promises to customers.
As ever, we strive to accurately recognize window films trends in countries all over the world, to look ahead and to develop products that satisfy our customers through cooperation between sales, research and manufacturing activities.

Design your comfort WINCOS

Window films help to make the lives of our customers around the world more comfortable; through advanced R&D and production techniques we continue to create new products that push performance boundaries.