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Decorative Film

Printed Type

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The 24 products within this series offer a choice of patterns – each available in black or white – giving specifiers plenty of scope when seeking to add interest or privacy to interior glazing (there are some exterior application options too). Dots and stripes are just the starting point for creating cost-effective contemporary or classic effects.

Unusually, the print is applied to the reverse of the films and the ink then protected by the adhesive layer; the effect is to make the print appear embedded within the film. A top layer of hard coating gives the film a glass-like surface, which is easy to clean.

*Bespoke patterns are available for larger projects, please contact us for details.


A wide variety of patterns enabling privacy and visual enhancement of interior spaces

Unique interior schemes can be created by combining multiple design patterns

Blocks 99% of UV rays

minimizing the risk of skin damage and fading or discoloration of interior furnishings.

Varying privacy levels depending upon film selection

Sub-surface printed for increased durability

Scratch resistant

a highly wear-resistant layer is coated on the film surface to protect the surface from scratches thereby increasing durability and minimizing maintenance requirements after the film is applied.

Shatterproof properties

These films effectively prevent the scattering of glass shards after a fracture thereby enhancing glass safety (in accordance with JIS A 5759).

Humidity resistant adhesive

The adhesive strength of these films will not be compromised even under exposure to high humidity. They are therefore highly suitable for indoor pool applications and bathrooms (interior application only).

Product List

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Optical Properties

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